Saturday, October 10, 2009

Random Listeners

Sometimes I don't get what people really mean when they say they listen to whatever that's on their library. Or, whatever mood they're in determines what they listen to. To me, it's almost as if these "random-shuffle" listeners aren't really in control of their music tastes, counting on what's in store. Like a surprise!

That's cool and junk, but I don't dig randomness in my headphones. I HAVE to know what I'm going to play. As my friend said one day while on our drive to Wal-Mart, "if you want shuffle, you're going to get a random ass playlist... punk here, electronic there, some hip hop... you gotta have some control duder." So we ended up choosing Electronic and Dance.

But that's for us broad music listeners, having over 10 different genre's in our iPod. You strictly Rock and Metal? Shuffle might just work for you, but as said before, I don't go with the random approach to my music. I get so cranky if the genre and sound changes so suddenly, and believe me, I tried getting use to shuffle. Going from Funk to World music? WTF (even if it is my own music, quick transitions really does change the mood)

Current favorites? Zuco 103! (2 of my favorite songs)

LOVE'n this live performance. ^_^

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