Monday, November 23, 2009

Oh why

Why aren't people dancing? Dance dance dance! (LOL)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

What brilliance amongst the dude community (and girl gamers)

After having heard so many immature ramblings online, its obvious those players aren't fit for life at all - can you say socially awkward? ("Hee hee!") The mockery is verbatim at its worst, hearing the same threat over and over again of how noobish people's skills are as if the next world conflict would be resolved through controllers and thumb sticks. So what if people suck, there's a place for competitive gaming out there. In fact there are many places to go that promote professional gaming (ex. Major League Gaming?). Why don't they travel their incompetent ass over there and test their skills with other professionals - and leave the recreational gamers alone? I guess they're TOO stupid to even look. (my goodness)

On the other hand, while playing Halo/Gears of War/Modern Warfare 2 online, I happened to run into a few girl gamers out there and had fun interacting with them, acted like a gentlemen and wished them the best after playing. Still, can you smell the social stink coming?

Yes, other dudes (or I should say douche) inevitably insult the girl gamers online, along with "aggressive flirting," like that'll work. Obviously you can tell they haven't interacted with any girls, or actually seen them frankly. LOL (Me or other gamers usually tell those girls to mute the voice feed of that player - but still its funny to hear their tremendous stupidity even though we're all ignoring them completely)

I found this list of the top 10 things girls hear on xbox live. I thought it was amusing.

So word to the wise - the Xbox Live public community is not for Mature people, it is for utterly stupid. Note - PUBLIC. Try not to speak to random players. It'll definitely ruin your buzz.

Here's an interesting video of young to teenaged gamers that talk some serious trash (a glimpse into the dude community) HILARIOUS ending

and a marriage proposal??? LOL (kinda felt sorry afterwards to be honest)

Hope you enjoyed the videos as much as I did. ^_^

I've heard worse than the videos presented. You wouldn't want to hear what people actually say in the lobbies - not saying that its more original or brilliant. The remarks will simply kill your personality, and for me personally, my sexual drive. ...seriously. Too much of that isn't healthy.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Oh Halo 3

How you hold so many fond memories. As I played you, I remember the moments that brought time to a stand still, moments that brought joy and laughter, even moments that were evidently frustrating, but still magnificent and memorable nonetheless. You were everywhere with me, from the beginning when I bought you at midnight waiting out in the cold in that long line of people, to my travels across the country, even at places I never dreamed of, and of course in my home. Your music... oh my goodness, your music brings amounts of sweet, sweet romantic emotions. Your dreamy conception of how our universe will be 500 years from now. Even with all the warfare brought on by the Covenant fleet, there still is beauty amongst all the violence raging along the front lines of battle, the fight for humanity's existence. I never felt so captivated by your side. And here you are... still with me along side. I had never played a video game like you that brought so much attention. You are like a box full of memories - something like nostalgia... something that will live on forever.

(really nerdy I know, but I always wanted to express how I felt about the whole game and story)

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Nothing has come to my mind recently all thanks to mid-terms and 30 pages of papers finished and finalized altogether. I think something is knocked loose in my brain during all the typing thinking about subjects so far apart from each other time realm wise. Wasn't it suppose to continue my thirst for knowledge? Or maybe 30 pages may have been too much. Not sure exactly, but that's what my all my classes demanded during midterms, and then some.

But one thing I always had on my mind stuck in the back of my head was... storytelling. How it effects us mentally and as a whole. During my time writing the daunting 30 pages, I've always switched my thinking to something else once I finish a paper. Something other than real history, transitioning onto my favorite story - Halo.

I have always been a avid reader of all the novels, reiterate what I might've missed, what mystery lies ahead for the characters, a forgotten history. The Halo Universe is more or less a unique struggle between races of beings. It's not just brutal warfare between the Covenant race and Humanity. So much detail has been put into this entire story its hard for me to grasp the story most of the time. From the Precursors to the Forerunners, along with the Flood army, I am always intrigued whenever the people at Bungie and 343 Industries pull something new out of their collection.

Such stories as this simply makes my mind flutter away from all the stress, my therapy so to speak during my own struggles to continue my cognitive faculties afloat, my train of thought, my muse, or however you want to say thinking. (lol)

I have also been reading the Qu'ran a lot lately, trying my very best to discipline myself in doing so, hopefully on my way in becoming Muslim. However, I am not ready to fully convert into the religion and its practices since I still have vices I need to let go of. Man is that going to be hard, but on the other hand... it'll be good for me.

And lastly, I thought I bring up some nerdy news relating to the world of video games.

I just recently purchased Borderlands earlier this week. My thoughts? *long pause*.....simply blew my mind away! All the money's worth ($65.00) In fact it's a bargain based on how much content this game has. They say it has over "87 Bazillion Guns" in the game. I believe that ^_^ So far I've collected over 400 weapons, and my collection continues to build. And the Claptrap robot? I still can't get over how amusing that robot is. Expect a blog entry whenever I complete the game.

Other gaming news, Infinity Ward removed Party Chat from Modern Warfare 2. Now I don't quite seem to comprehend this shitty move they did. IW says its to stop "cheating"? Personally I use party chat a lot and speak with my fellow online friendo's, but removing this just for the sake of competitiveness? And also putting in the completely new ability to kill innocent people during the single player campaign? Who the fuck does that?

I can see it now... a douche bag or 12 year old having a blast killing innocent men and woman. Fucking genius move Infinity Ward.

Therefore, I have reconsidered in buying the new Call of Duty. Renting is always an option! haha

What else?

Well, I am into this song at the moment.

And this...

AND this... my all time favorite mind you. I could listen to this song all day!