Monday, December 28, 2009

Newer Year - its now 10's rather than 0#'s

I haven't been up to date with my blog - all thanks to the ton of work I miraculously finished 2 weeks ago. All that fatigue on my mind. I feel rejuvenated a bit after this week hit, for the first time since August. It's incredible how much work I put myself in my last year in college. Here I thought the last year would be more cruise mode - but its more of a hustlin' hustlin' work style. Still, even with all the stress I felt this semester I keep the month of May in my mind. That'll be the most beautiful of all days, when I finally get to worry about a job instead of writing mandatory papers for a grade, or read 3 to 4 300 paged books for a history class. Lucky me!

As for the new year coming - 2010. I'm going to miss saying, "o5," "08." I mean we've all been saying it for the past 9 years. When will be the next time when it starts back in the 00's? Like 990 years from now. LOL

So I've been chosen to be on this Gamer Spotlight on Xbox Live as well, last week. It has been a hectic week for me to be honest, and I wasn't even online for most of the time my profile was on display! Everyday I get 100s of random friend requests, 100s of messages I have to reply to. So this is what a community manager feels like, eh? I think I could handle if the task was given to me again, but I don't know. Most of the messages I received were childish, immature, rude, racist. I knew the community was full of douchebags anyhow, just didn't realize the disease of douchedfluenza was constant 24/7. Still, I simply brushed off the "douchey" messages and managed to meet some other native gamers from out east, in Cali, New Mexico of course, and Oklahoma.

Despite all the busyness in my xbox live inbox, I enjoyed my time on the spotlight, seeing my profile on the dashboard. It was sort of surreal to be honest. I mean everyone in the world could see it, at least the geek part of the world. From Aussie to Tokyo, my profile was seen by many eyes last week. You could basically say I put natives on the map! ... for gaming. LOL

And not to sound conceded, but the description they inputted beside my profile stressed my goal to reteach the Lakota language to children - and Avatar was out that time too. Fitting wouldn't you say?

Thanks for reading - have a Happy New Year everyone! Wish I was in dance club to celebrate the new year, know what I mean? (listening to this) :)

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